Journal - Go green

Tips and tricks for a green and clean beauty

Green by Manucurist - tested and certified

Vegan Society, Ecocert, FSC, GOTS... let's take a closer look at the different labels and certifications our products have obtained and what guarantees they offer.

What is Green Flash?

We've been talking about it for over a year: Green Flash is our pride and joy—the innovation we didn't dare dream about!

5 gestures so that summer is beautiful for you and for the planet

Discover the tips and the favorite products of the Manucist team for a Clean & Green holidays this summer.

The varnish, how does it work?

What happens when we apply our favorite nail polish? We explain everything to you in this article.

Green, very green, always more green

Eco-friendly varnishes are good. A reasoned production is even better! Focus on Manucist commitments.

The top coat Sunshine: let the sun make!

We explain everything to you on this extraordinary top coat in "green" sauce, the last step for a protected, sublimated manicure, and prolonged outfit.

What is bio-sourcé?

Focus on a term widely used in Manucist. But what is really hidden behind this word?

Green Flash: What is more than others?

Since its release, the semi-permanent Green Flash has been a real innovation. But how is it different from the old generation semi-permanent?

Do you speak Manucist?

A focus on the terms specific to our varnish formulas and some definitions to see more clearly.

The Green Revolution by Manucist

How Manucist took the side of abandoning traditional varnish formulas to engage in a real environmental approach.