The Green Revolution by Manucist

How Manucurist chose to engage in a real environmental approach

For 20 years, environmental issues have been at the heart of government and citizen concerns. This awakening of consciences affects all sectors and especially that of beauty. Nevertheless, the category of nail polish has long remained a great forgotten: labs have often encountered too technical formulas, difficult to “green” without sacrificing outfit and color.

Yet at Manucurist, we wanted to believe it and we did well!

An assertive entrepreneurial vision

When Gaëlle, CEO of Manucrist, embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure in 2015, she already has a very clear vision of what she wants for the future of the brand. Gaëlle is a Parisian “Born and Raised”, bottled in her since childhood, a graduate of the French fashion institute, and who worked for the big fashion houses (Prada, Yves Saint Laurent…): without Surprise, she likes fashion.

But not the oppressive fashion, which imposes diktats on women. No, Gaëlle loves Free fashion, feminist And of course, manucist looks like him. We often hear “that you have to suffer to be beautiful” but Gaëlle's convictions are all other: with the range of green varnishes (launched in 2017), it offers a color chart very fashionable colors, green and clean. Enough to be beautiful without hurting, neither to oneself, nor to the planet.


Green formulas thought for women and the planet

Manucurist was born out of a love story between free fashion and values ​​of Health and environmental protection. Worn by Gaëlle's vision, the brand has been committed to women and women since its inception. Because, in Manucurist, we are convinced that traditional cosmetics belongs to the past and that the future will be Green, always more green. This is why we persevere daily to offer you varnishes, care and a fun beauty experience without guilt!

Since the brand's creation, the Manucist team has been keen to offer the most environmentally friendly formulas and your health.

The ranges Green, Green Flash and Care are bio-sourced And our ranges are not tested on animals.
At Manucurist, we respect your health by offering ranges 9-free (Green) and 12-free (Green Flash), without endocrine disruptor, sensitizing molecule or hydroquinone. Range Manucist to one so pure formulation that even young children can use it without risk. It is formulated without formaldehyde or derivative, without toluene or solvent from petrochemicals, without DBP or phthalate, without paraben and without camphor. Something to have fun without risk for you and your little ones.

Like you, we like marks with assertive visions and turned towards eco-responsibility values. We are preparing interviews with other founders. Transfer of brands that look like us.

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