• Clean Ingredients

    We have chosen to exclude from our formulas a list of controversial substances mainly derived from petrochemicals that may present risks for consumers (endocrine disruptors, irritant, sensitizing or even carcinogenic potential, etc.)

  • Vegan

    All our ranges are certified vegan by The Vegan Society which ensures the absence of products or ingredients of animal origin in the formulation, production or manufacture of our products.

  • Cruelty-free

    In accordance with European regulations, none of our products - or ingredients present in our formulations - are tested on animals.

  • Made in France

    Our treatments and varnishes are produced in France, favoring short circuits and local suppliers.
    For shaping, we work with an ESAT (Establishment and Service for Help through Work) committed to a real CSR policy


We strive for the cleanest formulas and seek every day to replace petrochemical-based or controversial chemicals with plant-based alternatives. All our products are vegan, cruelty free and up to 99% bio-sourced

  • Sugar cane

    Derived from sugar cane, ethyl acetate guarantees the fluid texture of our varnishes

  • Corn

    Derived from corn, acetyl tributyl citrate allows the varnish to form a smooth and shiny layer

  • Cassava

    Derived from cassava, butyl acetate also makes it possible to obtain a fluid varnish texture that is easy to apply.

  • Potato

    Derived from potatoes, sorbitol brings suppleness and homogeneity to our varnishes

  • Cotton

    Nitrocellulose , obtained from cotton, ensures the resistance of our varnishes

  • Wheat

    The isosorbide dicaprylate/caprate is extracted from wheat, guaranteeing the varnish a supple and homogeneous texture.

  • GreenFlash

    1st first LED varnish that dries immediately, ultra long-lasting and with express removal , Green Flash is the perfect alternative to semi-permanent

    Formulated without controversial molecules , endocrine disruptors or allergenic methyl acrylate monomers, it removes in 1 minute flat with a gentle solvent without damaging the nails

    🥇 An innovation rewarded with the Marie Claire Beauty Award of Excellence

  • Green

    The unique formula of our ultra-pigmented Green nail polishes is vegan, biosourced up to 84% and 9 free , excluding any controversial molecule derived from petrochemicals.

    Used with our Top Coat Sunshine sensitive to UV from natural light, they dry faster than conventional varnishes, are more resistant and adorn themselves with an ultra-shiny gel effect for up to 5 to 7 days.

    🏆 The Green range is also the winner of the Cosmopolitan Clean Beauty Award

  • Care

    Our range of nail care concentrates all the essentials to hydrate, prepare, strengthen and repair the nail before applying varnish.

    Our creams, balms and soaps are composed of ingredients of natural origin , enriched with plant active ingredients and certified organic by the Cosmos Organic label.

    Vegan, cruelty free and formulated with up to 99% biosourced ingredients

Validated and certified

Manucurist has always placed health and the environment at the heart of its issues 🌎🌱
In constant search for new ways of innovating to improve the quality of our products, we call on numerous certification bodies which attest to the quality of our commitments:

  • Cosmos Organic Certified

    Dedicated to organic and natural cosmetics, the Cosmos Organic label imposes drastic standards in terms of eco-responsibility and recycling of containers, and guarantees the absence of GMOs and ingredients derived from petrochemicals.

    To be labeled, the product must contain at least 95% minimum ingredients of natural origin and at least 20% ingredients from organic farming.

  • Certified Vegan Society

    All our products are certified Vegan, by the Vegan Society

    This label guarantees the absence of ingredients of animal origin in our formulations, as well as in our packaging.

  • Cosmopolitan Clean Beauty Award

    Among more than 600 brands, our Green range has been selected by a panel of expert chemists, dermatologists and beauticians for the quality of its formulation, on the choice of ingredients but also on manufacturing, production, materials and format criteria. environmentally friendly packaging

  • Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award

    Praised by a jury of 23 beauty experts, the Green Flash range was selected from 11 products for its innovative and sustainable character.

Eco-friendly packaging

Reducing the impact of waste is also a major challenge at Manucurist. We have always been mobilizing to offer partially recycled, recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions:

  • ✨ A responsible choice of materials

    All the materials we choose can be recycled to give your products a second life

    Most of our products are delivered without secondary packaging , which reduces unnecessary waste!

  • ☁️ Certified organic cotton - GOTS

    All our bags, pouches and accessories are made with organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label , which guarantees good working conditions, cultivation methods without pesticides, not depleting the soil and not disturbing ecosystems

  • 🌳 FSC certified Kraft

    All our packaging is made of Kraft, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council , an international NGO whose mission is to promote ecological, social and economic management of forests.

  • ♻️ Recycled Aluminum containers

    We have chosen to pack our creams, soaps, glitter and effect powders in recycled aluminum containers which can then be recycled endlessly ...

    Which makes it much more planet-friendly than a plastic bottle!

As for the glasses and caps of our varnishes, solvents and care products, they can be deposited entirely without prior rinsing in the white sorting bins intended for glass.

Their recycling is carried out automatically by the sorting operators


With its glitter, Manucurist is proud to offer nail art options that are tested and certified to be biodegradable and comply with the environmental safety criteria defined by the biodegradable WATER standard.

Better with glitter ✨

Healthy Hands for a Healthy Planet

Manucurist is proud to contribute to building a greener cosmetics industry by offering sustainable and sustainable alternatives for the planet.
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