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Customisable Trio Green

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Choose any 3 Green nail polishes and create your own customized trio at a great price!

One color is never enough! 🌈

Have more than 3 favourite colours ?✨
Discover our Customisable Rainbow Green 🌈

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Description & Benefits

Nail polish Green, 12-free, vegan & cruelty free. Already classic ! Potato, corn, manioc or cotton: for your nails, nothing is too good. A range with up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients and made in France to respect the planet. To apply on our Green Base Coat and under the Top Coat Green. For a gentle removal use the Dissolving Water Green.

  • Beautiful pigmentation
  • Professional quality brushes
  • Extreme shine
  • 12-free
  • Removes with a gentle solvant
  • Air dry
Customisable Trio Green
Customisable Trio Green
Customisable Trio Green
Customisable Trio Green

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