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Green flash, the 1st LED varnish that dries immediately, ultra long-lasting and with express removal. It's the perfect clean alternative between a nail polish and a semi-permanent.

Ready to revolutionize your at-home manicure routine? We guide you step by step. Let's flash together!


How to apply green flash?

An easy installation if you follow our advice in 3 steps: Base Coat, Color, Top Coat with the LED lamp.

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Step 1 - Nail Preparation
Degrease the nail with Green Flash Dissolving Water.

Step 2 - The base
Apply Base Coat Green Flash in thin layers. It is not necessary to put too much. Then, edge the nail passing over the edge.
This step is very important. It helps to avoid detachment and better color adhesion.
Once the base is in place, catalyze under a Pro Green Flash lamp for 1 minute or under a Slim Green Flash lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 3 - Color
Then apply your favorite Green Flash color in 2-3 brush strokes. To do this, start in the middle, then do each side of the nail.
Once again, it is important to take the minimum amount of material. Trim, then catalyze under a Pro Green Flash lamp for 1 minute or under a Slim Green Flash lamp for 2 minutes.
Repeat the step to obtain 2 thin coats of color.

Step 4 - The top
Apply the Top Coat Green Flash, border and catalyze under a Pro Green Flash lamp for 2 minutes or under a Slim Green Flash lamp for 3 minutes..

TIPS - Apply Green Oil
Once the Green Flash manicure is finished, use Green Oil to beautify and hydrate the skin.
Take a few drops, apply to the cuticles and massage to moisturize. It is possible to go up to the level of the fingers.

And now your GF Manicure is finished, enjoy shine and hold for up to 10 days!

How to

How to remove green flash?

A simple removal like child's play provided you do it in the rules of the art. Changing colors has never been easier ⚡️

  • a simple pose or even
    very simple !

    according to 80% of users surveyed*

  • a really mastered pose from the
    3rd app!

    according to 80% of users surveyed*

*survey of 2,575 Green Flash users.

Become a pro!

Nail preparation

Follow the steps of a good preparation of the nails, pledge of a better hold of the Green Flash.

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Step 1 - File Nails
Using the softer side of the 100/180 natural nail file (logo side), file your nails into the desired shape.

Step 2 - Prepare the nail outline
Apply a drop of effective emollient to each nail contour to soften them.
Leave to act for 2 minutes.
Use the steel cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles.

Tips on using the cuticle pusher:
Use the round tip in the opposite direction of nail growth and do not go back and forth to avoid mocking your nails.
Then, use the square bit for the corners. Take it easy, it shouldn't hurt.

Remove excess emollient with a cotton ball and wash your hands.

Step 3 - Roughen Nails
Use the preparatory file to gently roughen the nails in order to erase the last defects (logo side, in the direction of the nail growth).
Especially important step for ridged nails.

Step 4 - Degrease the nails
Degrease the nails using Green Flash solvent water to remove all greasy substances and dust still present.

Green Flash tips

  • Take little material

    Wring the brush on one side, and leave on the other only a small drop of material at the end of the brush. Then apply each layer in 2 to 3 brush strokes.

  • Edge the nails

    After each layer, pass the brush over the edge of the nail without adding varnish.
    On short nail, pull on the fingertip to release the edge.

  • Fix overflows

    Before flashing, remove the excess varnish on the skin. To do this, soak a brush or boxwood stick in Green Flash Dissolving Water and rub lightly.

  • Apply Green Oil

    Finish the manicure by applying Green Oil. Take a few drops and apply to the contour of the nail, massaging lightly to facilitate absorption.


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