Pro Lamp 36W
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Pro Lamp 36W

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An express Green Flash application with our Pro Lamp 36W.

Our Pro Lamp is less travel-friendly but much faster than her little sis! It will allow you to apply your favorite Green Flash shades in no time.
A 36W lamp for experts who wish for a long-lasting and high-quality manicure in less than 20 minutes.
Pro tip: for the busier and more adventurous of you, opt for our Nomad Lamp 18W.

Used with our: base coat, colour and top coat!

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Only 2934 items in stock!

Pro Lamp 36W

Only 2934 items in stock!
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  • Jusqu'à 84% bio-sourcés
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  • Made in France
    Produits fabriqués en France
  • Vegan
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  • Emballages éco-responsables
    Des emballages recyclables, du carton FSC et des chips de maïs biodégradables


How to apply Green Flash

Step 1 - Prepare the nail

Remove any oil with Green Flash Nail Polish Remover.

Step 2 - Base coat

Apply Green Flash Base Coat remembering to cap the edge and cure under the Pro Lamp 36W for 1 minute.

Step 3 - Colour

Apply your favourite Green Flash colour remembering to cap the edge and cure under the Pro Lamp 36W for 1 minute. Repeat step 3 so you have 2 thin coats of colour.

Step 4 - Top coat

Apply Green Flash Top Coat remembering to cap the edge and cure under the Pro Lamp 36W for 2 minutes.

Watch the video for perfect application every time:

...and perfect removal!


What's the difference between 18W nomad lamp and the 36W pro lamp?

The 36W pro lamp is more powerful and bigger than the 18W nomad lamp. With a 18W nomad lamp, your manicure will be done in 40 minutes, with the 36W pro lamp it will be finished in 20 minutes, but its format will be less "on the go".

Can I use Green Flash without the LED lamp?

No, Green Flash polish needs the lamp to cure.

Can I use another lamp?

We recommend you use an LED lamp with an output of at least 18W. Make sure you adjust the curing time if your lamp is more powerful.

Le protocole On vous dit tout !

  1. 1 couche de base + 1min sous la lampe
  2. 2 couches de couleur + 1min pour chaque couche
  3. 1 couche de top + 2min sous lampe et voilà !

The word of the teaM

"Idéale pour une pose rapide"


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La lampe pro 36W est plus puissante et plus grande que la lampe nomade 18W. Avec la lampe nomade 18W votre manucure est faite en 40 minutes, avec la lampe pro 36W cela ne prend que 20 minutes, mais son format est moins "on the go". Attention :

Non, les vernis Green Flash se catalysent que sous lampe LED de minimum 18W.

Nous vous recommandons d’utiliser une lampe LED de 18W minimum. Attention, si votre lampe est plus puissante, veillez à adapter les temps de catalysation.

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Lampe LED 36W


  • Pose en 20 minutes
  • Pose 2 fois plus rapide
  • 21 ampoules LED
"Idéale pour une pose rapide"
49 €

Lampe LED 18W


  • Pose en 40 minutes
  • Plus facilement transportable
  • 9 ampoules LED
"Idéale pour partir en voyage"
25 €

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