LED lamp or UV lamp: what difference?

UV and LED lamps have the same function: drying the nails. But many of you ask us this question: what is the difference between these 2 categories of lamps? We will explain everything to you.

LED vs UV: an opposition that does not have to be

Let's start with some definitions. The term “LED” designates a device capable of emitting light: they are electroluminescent diodes. An LED lamp is therefore a lamp with several Electroluminescent diodes.

The term "UV", meanwhile, designates a type of light emission that is akin to ultraviolet. Ultraviolets have a lower wavelength than that of visible purple (between 380 Nm and 449 Nm). They are invisible to the human eye.

This means that when you put "UV lamp" and "LED lamp", it is an abuse of language. Indeed, the two terms are not contradictory since one can completely have a lamp equipped with LEDs which emits in the UV. This is the case with Manucist lamps!

Manucist lamps

But then how to separate UV lamps from LED lamps? Well it's a question of wavelength!
The UV lamps are lamps that make it possible to catalyze the “UV gels”: they emit waves included around 350 Nm since the UV gels catalyze this wavelength.
The LED lamps as the Nomad lamp 18W and the Pro 36W lamp emit 365 nm to catalyze semi-permanents like the Green Flash.

These two types of lamps also emit blue light in parallel with ultraviolet. This blue light has no impact on the catalysis of your Green Flash varnish: it is only a light indicator that indicates that the lamp works.

Flash safe!

We have known it for a long time but exposure to the sun has risks and this is due to the UV it emits. Prolonged exposure to UV can cause sunburn, premature aging, allergies, and in the most extreme cases of skin cancer, eye lesions ... There is something to be wary of UVs!

But rest assured, solar shows and UV lamps are very different. The Lamps for semi-permanent Green Flash are much less powerful Whether the sun or the tanning lamps! UVs are emitted in small quantities and are therefore safe For your skin. What allow you to take advantage of your Green Flash routine without risk!

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