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How to Nail Prep Before Applying Polish ?

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Before a nail treatment or colour application, proper nail prep helps your manicure to last longer and keeps your nails healthy. Often neglected, this preliminary step is nonetheless crucial and not at all very complicated. Here are the key steps and our tips for successful nail preparation, an essential prerequisite for impeccable, long-lasting manicures.

Whether it’s to maintain the health of your nails or to facilitate the adhesion of polish, nail prep is an essential step in any manicure routine! We can’t stress enough that taking care of your nails and keeping them in good health contributes heavily to increasing polish hold, and nail prep is a big part of the equation.
Here is a step-by-step guide and a few tips for truly long-lasting, effective results.

The Right Way to Nail File !

Starting with a Nail File, give your nails the shape that best suits your style, whether that is square, oval, almond or or stiletto, it is important to always file with care. Use a file that is adapted to your natural nail type, opt for the softer side and try to avoid the back-and-forth sawing motion that splits and weakens nails.
Position your file almost parallel to your nail and work in a gentle direction. Always start from the edges and work back towards the center in one direction only. Then apply the same technique to the other side of the nail.
Once you’ve mastered the gesture, have fun experimenting with different nail shapes to find the one that best suits your style.

To avoid splitting or damaging the nails, always file in one direction and avoid a back-and-forth motion

Pamper Your Cuticles

Step 2 ! Remember that your cuticles are fragile little pieces of skin that protect your nail matrix. While it is important you push them back to reveal the entire nail plate for painting, try to be careful not to damage or destroy them.
We have a foolproof technique for that! First, apply a drop of Cuticle Softener at the base of your nails and leave for a minute to soften the skin. Massage gently, then remove any excess with a cotton pad.
Gently push cuticles back using the round edge of your Cuticle Pusher, always in the opposite direction of nail growth and without going back and forth to avoid scratching.
If necessary, use the square tip to loosen corners and a pair of tweezers to cut away excess dead skin – never too close to the edge, and only if necessary!

Use a Cuticle Softener to loosen cuticles and gently push back with ease

Bravo ! Your cuticles are all taken care of and it will now be easier to apply coloured polish without the risk of premature peeling or lifting.

Buff and Smooth

Using a Nail Buffer Sponge, even out and smooth the nail to create the best for nail polish to apply silkily. This improves the hold of the polish as there are no bumps or ridges for the polish to lift off of.
Technique to follow: lightly roughen the nail surface in the direction of nail growth. In other words, from the base to the top of the nail, finishing with the free edge.

Buff the nail the direction of growth to create a smooth, even surface for your colour to apply to!

NO Grease & NO Dust

The final step is to degrease the nails and remove any residual grease or nail dust that might minimize the varnish’s adhesion during the application. All you need is nail polish remover and a few cotton pads to clean your nails before applying polish.

Use a cotton pad soaked in acetone-free remover to degrease the nails before applying polish

And Voila! Your nails are clean, prepped, dried and ready for your manicure… now it is time to apply your Base Coat and Care Products!

Enjoy 💅🏻