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Make your polish last even longer with all our nail prep essentials brought together in a complete set!

Professional Emery Board: Shapes your nails perfectly without weakening them.
Nail Priming Emery Board: Smooths and evens out the nail surface. It gently opens the nail plate to help the base coat adhere to your nail.
Cuticle Remover: Softens the nail contour to make it easier to remove cuticles and dead skin. Its formula is 97% plant based.
Cuticle Pusher: Pushes back your cuticles and the skin around the nail once softened.

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Prepare like a pro!

Professional Emery Board: With 2 sides: one for gentle filing and one with a stronger grit. Our professionals love it!

Cuticle Remover: its gel texture formula, up to 97% plant based and enriched with glycerine, makes precision application a breeze.

Cuticle Pusher: made from stainless steel, it can easily be cleaned with alcohol and is the must-have professional accessory for an immaculate nail contour!

Nail Priming Emery Board: designed with two types of grit - the fine grit (Manucurist logo side) is ideal for fingernails and the coarser grit is ideal for toenails.

How to use Nail Prep Set ?

Step 1: Shorten your nails (if needed)
Use the more abrasive side of the white emery board (without the Manucurist logo) to reduce the length of your nails. Without filing back and forth, start at the sides and move towards the "top" of the nail to balance the shape.

Step 2: Smooth out the shape
Use the less abrasive side of the white emery board (with the Manucurist logo) to smooth out and fine-tune the shape.

Step 3: Soften the skin around the nail
Use the dropper to apply our 97%-plant-based Cuticle Remover to the contour of each nail. Leave to work for 2 minutes.

Step 4: Push back the skin around the nail
Use our stainless steel cuticle remover to push back the skin around the nail, keeping the tip of the tool as parallel to the nail as possible. You usually start with the rounder tip and finish removing the last of the dead skin with the straighter tip.

Step 5: Prep the nail for polish
Use the Nail Priming Emery Board to gently buff the nail without moving back and forth.

👉 If you then want to apply polish:

Step 6: Remove the oil from the nail before applying polish
Soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover to clean your nails and remove any oil before applying your base coat. We don't recommend washing your hands, as the base coat will not adhere properly if your nails are damp.

👉 If you just want to enjoy clean nails:

Step 6: Moisturise your nails
Carefully wash your hands and apply our Green Oil, Complete Serum and Hand Cream.

💅 Pro tip

Good nail prep will ensure your Green or Green Flash polish lasts longer!

Ingredients / INCI

Cuticle Remover


97% of natural ingredients

Nail Prep Set
Nail Prep Set
Nail Prep Set
Nail Prep Set


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