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A focus on the terms specific to our varnish formulas

At Manucurist, we sometimes use somewhat opaque professional terms: we tell you about “Inci lists”, “bio-sourcé” ... What is the difference between a vegan and cruelty-free product? And 12-free, what does that mean? If you sometimes have the impression of being a little lost, do not panic: we explain everything to you in this article!

An Ini list, what is it?

Since its creation, Manucrist has advocated transparency: this is why we help you decipher the Inci lists of our varnishes (go to our page Philosophy to know more). When we talk about "Inci list", this is an abuse of language: we should rather speak of "list of ingredients in Inci nomenclature".

The term "INCI" is the abbreviation of "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients" (International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients, in French). There are several cosmetic nomenclatures but, in Europe, it is the Inci nomenclature that is used: it is even mandatory For cosmetics since 1998. This means that all cosmetics sold on the European market must give the complete list of ingredients on their packaging, in the decreasing order of their quantity.

Manucist is 12-free and without endocrine disruptors

We often tell you that our green formulas are 9-free or that the green flash is12-free.This means that they do not contain any of the Controversial moleculesWhat are theAcrylate monomer, toluene, camphor, dbp, xylene, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, ethyl tosylamide,Tiphenylphosphate, benzophenone, styrene, phenoxyethanol.

Our formulas are also free from endocrine disruptors : I'Handles Defines them as substances that disturb the hormonal functioning of living organisms and can thus lead to harmful effects on health (growth, reproduction, nervous system, etc.) and the environment. We can notably cite bisphenol A or BPA, which is a proven endocrine disruptor which, since 2015, has been prohibited in bottles and other food containers.

Green Flash: the reinvented semi-permanent

You wonder why we are so proud of our formulaGreen Flash without sensitizing monomer or hydroquinone... To find out more about these molecules, you can read our detailed article on the subject: Green Flash: What is more than the others? You will discover their usefulness in traditional semi-permanent, their harmful effects on health and the alternatives that we preferred to use in the formulation of the green flash.

Green varnishes that respect the planet

Difficult to grasp the nuance between vegan and Cruelty-free : Indeed, these two terms are not synonymous. In Europe, a law dating from 2013 prohibits cosmetic tests on animals which means that the cosmetics “made in Europe” are all cruelty-free.
In addition, manucist varnishes have received certification from the Vegan Society, which guarantees the absence of ingredients of animal origin in the product and in its packaging.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we choose to use Bio-Sourcés ingredients as soon as possible. That is to say that an important part of our formulas comes from vegetable matter Unlike many other conventional varnishes from petrochemicals.
If you want to know more about bio-sourcé and difference with “natural origin” and “organic” mentions, we invite you to read our dedicated article: The bio-sourcé, what is it?

We hope everything is clearer for you. Questions, need of details? Do not hesitate to share your requests in private message on our Instagram with us @manucurist.