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Awareness and allergies: caution on what you apply to your nails!

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Unlike many traditional semi-permanents, Green Flash does not contain Hema, Di-Hema-TMHDC, two sensitizing molecules likely to cause skin allergies!

Allergies to semi? Hema and Di-Hema-TMHDC designated guilty.

Many semi-permanent varnishes can cause allergies and you may have already paid the price!
The responsibles ? Two small molecules called Hema and Di-Hema-TMHDC monomers. These substances, belonging to the chemical family of acrylates and methacrylates, are present in the formulation of many traditional gels. Under the effect of light (UV or LED lamps), they have the capacity to bind to each other to form a large network of polymers And allow the holding of varnishes.

For 6 months, these two molecules have been under the spotlight and this type of sensitizing gels has been the subject of a New European regulations* which prohibits their sale to the general public.
Unfortunately, this type of product continues to travel on the market and remains very easy to get, exposing consumers to many allergy risks.

Reactive molecules that penetrate into the skin ...

The problem with these so -called "sensitizing" substances is that they are chemically very reactive and often cause inflammatory reactions especially when they come into contact with the skin.
Indeed, if the gel layer is poorly applied and overflows from the nail, These very small molecules are capable of crossing the surface layer of the skin or the cuticles to reach the epidermis.

Their great chemical reactivity allows them to bind to the proteins of the epidermis by modifying them. The proteins of the "modified" epidermis are then recognized as foreign by the immune system which will build a Allergic inflammatory defense reaction.

Allergic one day, allergic still?

The thing is that we do not notice it right away ... This phenomenon of awareness often occurs at a distance from the 1st exhibition, the time that the immune response takes place and activates with each exhibition. But unlike the phenomena of irritation, awareness is then permanent because the body keeps in memory this immune response which can reproduce, even in the long term, during exposure to the same molecule or a similar molecule.

Numerous studies and scientific reports ** have shown the “sensitizing” effects of these molecules at the skin level (dermatitis, itching, erythema, design in terms of hands) but also respiratory, as asthma, because these small molecules are also Very volatile and can be inhaled, especially if you are exposed to it daily.

Restrictions and regulations

To avoid risks, the application of this type of gels requires extreme meticulousness. This is the reason why the New European regulations* Prohibits direct sale of this type of product to individuals and authorizes it on condition to care professionals with whom it recommends a series of protective measures (suction table, filter mask and nitrile gloves).

Green Flash: the non -sensitizing and uncompromising alternative on the outfit

At Manucrist, health is at the heart of our priorities. The beauty of your nails is uncompromising for health. Since its release in 2019, Green Flash innovation has been ahead of the regulations by offering a new generation of semi-permanent 12 free, non-sensitizing and without a hema monomer, nor Di-Hema-Tmhdc.

With Green Flash, the nails traumatized by the semi is over ... Allergies too!
And it’s still you who talks about it best!

"I who am allergic to acrylates, I did not have any reactions! I can finally put a semi-permanent varnish"
- Nathalie B.

"Super happy! Perfect products! I made an allergy to traditional semi permanent with these no worries!"
- Laurie E.

"I tried so many marks of semi-permanent varnish and all have triggered me allergies. And today I am too happy to have finally found a natural semi-permanent varnish that holds no allergy and the Nail is not damaged. The removal is so simple! I love it and I can't wait to have all the colors! "
- Élise B.

Discover in detail Green Flash innovation and what it has more than the others