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Hema and Di-Hema-TMHDC: two molecules prohibited for sale to the general public.

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Since its release in 2019, Green Flash has been ahead of the regulations and excludes from its formulation the HEMA and Di-Hema-TMHDC molecules, sensitizing and now prohibited for sale to individuals.

Hema? What's this ?

They are called: Hema monomers and oligomers from Di-Hema-TMHDC. Under these enigmatic names are hidden Two small molecules present in many traditional semi-permanent. These substances have the property of agglutinating with each other under the light (UV, LED) to form a hardening film and allow the holding of semi-permanent varnishes.

What are the risks ?

The problem is that they are also "sensitizing". Very small, very reactive and volatile, these molecules can penetrate the skin and cause severe skin reactions allergic and inflammatory. Nail overflows during poses then become rather risky ... As for removing, with this type of molecules, it requires the use of acetone and an abrasive sanding of the nails.

Particularities of the hema and di-hema TMHDC substances

  • Molecules sensitizing In direct contact of the skin (allergic dermatitis)
  • Very small molecules, high responsiveness, ability to penetrate into the epidermis = skin conditions.
  • Volatile = risk of inhalation and irritation of respiratory mucous membranes, asthma.
  • Withdrawal requiring use acetone and Abrasive sanding For nails.

What the law says ?

Since September 2021, the new European regulations* Prohibits the sale of manicure products containing these two molecules to individuals. Now only care professionals are empowered to handle these products in institutes and encouraged to take many precautions (suction table, filter mask and nitrile gloves).

What regulations say

Since September 2021, nail products and semi-permanent varnish gels containing the hema and di-hema-tmhdc substances are:

  • Prohibited for sale to individuals
  • Authorized under conditions on sale to professionals

Products distributed to professionals must display the mention: "Reserved for professionals - can cause an allergic reaction"

Green Flash: the 0 % risk alternative, 100 % in accordance with the regulations.

Since its release in 2019, Green Flash innovation has been ahead of the regulations by offering a new generation of semi-permanent more clean, more green and non-sensitizing.

Fruit of a long research work, Green Flash by Manucrist is in accordance with the regulations, authorized for sale to the public and above all does not contain hema monomers, nor Di-Hema-Tmhdc. To replace them, we use copolymers whose barbaric name-bis-hema poly (1,4-Butanediol) -9/IPDI Copolymer-can be confusing.
Do not panic ! We explain to you why our products are not aware.

Chemically speaking, our copolymers are made up of an assembly of 3 molecules which each have a different composition. Unlike the Hema and Di-Hema-TMHDC monomers, Our copolymers are not aware. Much larger and less responsive, they are not volatile, do not have the ability to infiltrate and therefore do not cause inflammatory reactions skin allergies.

“Being allergic to classic gels and semi-permanent, I turned to Green Flash products! I am so satisfied with the result, I have no allergic reaction! I recommend 200%. »» Louise p

"I tried so much semi-permanent varnish and all triggered me allergies. Today I have finally found a natural semi-permanent varnish that holds! No more allergy and the nail is not damaged. Removal is so simple! »» Elise B

Green Flash, the uncompromising alternative on the outfit and the shine

On the other hand, their effectiveness remains the same: thanks to the passage under LED lamp, the copolymers bind each other to form a network of polymers which solidifies the layer of varnish and gives it a long outfit.

Green Flash by Manucrist is therefore also an alternative without compromise on the outfit and the shine. In just 3 easy and quick steps, the manicure is unimportant for up to 10 days. And above all, he withdraws like a varnish using a gentle solvent without acetone, without damaging the nails.

Green FlashTM by manucist

  • Non -sensitizing
  • Compliant with European regulations
  • Authorized for sale to individuals
  • Guaranteed without monomers of Hema, nor di-hema-TMHDC
  • Gently withdrew without acetone
  • Shine and held up to 10 days

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