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Tips and tricks for a green and clean beauty

Soft, ridged or easily breakable nails? It's time to talk about nail imperfections!

Our nails have a hard life! Today, the teaM will give you the lowdown on the good habits that will help keep your nails healthy all year round!

Classic varnish, gel or semi-permanent, how to make the right choice?

Manucrist takes stock of the various varnish formulas to help you differentiate between a classic varnish, a gel or a semi-permanent.

What colours should you wear on short nails?

The big question is, what should you do with short nails? Nothing? It would be a real shame to neglect them, especially if they're already fragile. Team Manucurist to the rescue, with nail care and colour tips to save the day!

How to remove her semi-permanent varnish Green Flash without damaging the nails

The withdrawal has become a real obstacle to the application of semi-permanent varnish, but is it wrongly demonized? The team reveals its tips for an easy and gentle removal.

How to make your manicure green flash like a pro

The team reveals all its tips and guides you Step by Step to succeed in your semi-permanent manicure at home as well as in institute.

How to prepare your Like a Pro nails

The Manucist team reveals its tips to prepare its Like A Pro nails before a varnish or semi-permanent installation.

With or without lamp: choose your camp!

Difficult to navigate in all the varnish offers ... Don't panic: here is a little guide to find the routine that suits you best.

Green Flash: our 10 tips for optimal outfit

The Manucrist Team reveals its tips and the good practices to adopt to keep its semi-permanent Green Flash for 10 days or more!

5 tips for healthy nails and pretty hands

Some tips that will help you take care of your daily nails and hands, for a top manicure!

LED lamp or UV lamp: what difference?

UV and LED lamps have the same function: dry the semi-permanent varnish. But what is the difference between these 2 categories of lamps?