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Hema-free? What does it mean ?

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As you certainly already know, Green Flash is 12 Free And excludes from its composition the controversial and harmful molecules for health. Green Flash therefore does not contain hema monomers, nor Di-Hema-TMHDC: two sensitizing substances prohibited for individuals since September 2021.

Harmful substances in semi-permanent?

This may have escaped you, but harmful substances contained in many semi-permanents are today under the spotlight.
Indeed, for 6 months, according to the new European regulations*, 2 sensitizing molecules-named Hema and Di-Hema-TMHDC- must be withdrawn from the composition of varnishes intended for sale to individuals.

What are the risks ?

In contact with the skin, these varnishes can cause severe allergic and inflammatory skin reactions. This is why only care professionals are now empowered to use them.

The catch is that this type of semi-permanent continue to circulate on the market, are extremely easy to obtain and endanger the health of semi "at home" enthusiasts every day. So cautious about the products you use on your nails!

Green Flash: Hema Free, non -sensitizing and 100 % in accordance with regulations.

Green Flash innovation has been ahead of the regulations for 2 years, and is now an exception to the semi-permanent market.

12 Free, without endocrine disruptors, without CMR, without allergens and bio -based up to 84%, the Green Flash range is also, an alternative without compromise on the outfit and the shine. In just 3 easy and quick steps, the manicure is impeccable up to 10 days and the withdrawal is done smoothly and easily thanks to a gentle solvent without acetone.

🌱 At Manucurist, the beauty of the nails is uncompromising for health!
The green revolution is rocking, be part of it ⚡️

A real revolution. The installation is very easy as well as the removal, the outfit is excellent. I am conquered. I could not use the classic semi-permanent because a lot of allergies and classic varnishes did not hold. I recommend 100%. Amal S.

Allergic to one of the main molecules of the usual varnish I could no longer varnish my nails. I revisit !! Inès C.

Making allergies to classic semi-permanent varnishes, I found my happiness with these varnishes! No more allergy and the same beautiful effect. Sandy V.

Find out how Green Flash is different?

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