Our feminist reading-list to read urgently

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Team Manucrist has concocted a list of feminist works to (re) discover without delay.

We will not stop repeating it: International Women's Rights Day is not only on March 8, it's all year round! This principle is illustrated in several ways in Manucist.
With our figurehead, Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz, living proof that female entrepreneurship has great prospects for the future.
Also through our team mainly made up of women, animated by the desire to offer a beauty - finally ! - clean and green without compromise.

We grant you, the path is still long in terms ofMen and women equality, both at political and societal level. However, as an inveterate optimists, we are as convinced as to shed light on these inequalities constitutes a good starting point to free themselves from these.

The team has therefore specially selected feminist works evoking these discrimination but also the incomparable power of the feminine through the times, to put in all hands and to read imperatively!

A crying novel of truths

Invisible Women, by Caroline Criado Perez

Most of the infrastructure, technologies or equipment that we use daily have been thought of without regard to the differences between the sexes. Caroline Criado Perez highlights these more or less dangerous dysfunctions concerning women in a society imagined by men.

An emblematic work

The second sex, from Simone de Beauvoir

"We are not born a woman, as we become" Simone de Beauvoir questions the vision of women in the society of 1949 and how to obtain her freedom as such.

The undefeated power of women

Witches, from Mona Chollet

"Tremble, the witches come back!" Said a feminist slogan from the 1970s. Remailing image, misogynist representation inherited from the trials and the pyres of the great renaissance hunts, "the witch can however", says Mona Chollet, "Serve for the Women of today embodiment of a positive power, freed from all dominations ".

A novel like no other

Confessions of a gang of girls, from Joyce Carol Oates

A popular district of a small working -class town in New York State in the 1950s. Five high school students - Maddy, the narrator, Goldie, Lana, Rita and Legs - to survive and take revenge on the humiliations they have undergone , conclude a pact, to life, to death, without faith or law: they will be the Foxfire gang, shouting their rage of living in front of a society which keeps crushing them.

The great Odyssey of the feminine

The most beautiful story of women, from Françoise Héritier, Michelle Perrot, Sylviane Agacinski and Nicole Bacharan

To be a woman? How to live a woman on the planet of men? Each time its response. But always the same presupposition: this sex is the second, the lower. Four exceptional women tell us the story of the female condition. That of an incredible fight against an order - moral, social and sexual - imposed since dawn of humanity, of a long march far from being completed.

Black women and feminism

Am I not a woman ?, Bell Hooks

"Am I not a woman?", This is the question that Sojourner Truth, former slave, black abolitionist of the United States, posed in 1851 during a famous speech, arresting feminists and abolitionists on the various oppressions suffered by the Black women: class, race, sex oppressions. A rigorous analysis of the history of black women, forgotten, even evacuated, of American history.

For our boys and girls

The League of Super Feminists, from Mirion Malle

The super-feminist league is a super-feminist tool box. It is aimed at children from 10 years old and approaches with clarity, pedagogy and a lot of humor the representation, consent, body, sexual identity ... These notions are supplemented by practical tools (Bechdel test, writing Inclusive ...) which make this comic strip a real little manual of feminist self-defense, salutary at all ages.