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Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2024

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This year, while everyone else is celebrating a traditional Mother's Day, we think this special day deserves something more! Discover our guide to the perfect bespoke gift for celebrating today's modern families and spoiling the mother figures (in the spiritual sense of the term) that mean so much to you.

Hand care

"I've got you under my skin" is a special message that illustrates the idea of unconditional love, the kind we often feel towards our family members. We love this delightful  duo with its subtle rose fragrance: our New Rose Hand Cream and Multi-Purpose Rose Balm for hands, lips and skin. The duo features floral notes that are very different from a traditional bouquet of flowers, making it a special gift for a pampering treat at any time of day. Our Hand Creams also come in fragrances with notes of Orange Blossom and Real Lavender. The recycled aluminium packaging is durable, eco-friendly and easily fits into a bag or pocket: a great gift idea for hydrated, nourished hands all day long! 

As Mother's Day approaches, make a beeline for our Balm & Hand Cream Duo with its delicate new rose fragrance for deeply hydrated and nourished hands: a practical gift for a moment of relaxation at any time of day. 

Makeup for nails

The first ever nail care range with makeup-inspired effects to give your nails a boost! Each of these polishes is inspired by skincare/makeup, making them great gift ideas for nourishing and enhancing natural nails with buildable effects. You're going to love the whole range, which includes our Active Bright nail brightener, Active Shine highlighter, Active Smooth CC cream, Raspberry Active Glow™ peachy pink gloss and Blueberry Active Glow™ intense pink gloss. Mother's Day is a great occasion to offer an original gift set and the perfect opportunity for your family to try out the full range and spend some quality time together.

It's the perfect gift, offering the ultimate in variety and allowing you to build up the effects to your heart's content: gloss, highlighter, brightener and CC cream. You can easily imagine trying out this great set with your family while enjoying a cup of tea and quality time together.

Healthy Glow Duo

The must-have duo for creating perfectly nourished, slightly pink nails with a high shine. Our Healthy Glow Duo was designed to revitalise your natural nails, leaving them with a peachy pink gloss finish. Active Glow™ is our best-selling nail beauty treatment (one sold every minute!), enriched with AHAs, raspberry extracts and sweet almond oil to hydrate, soothe and smooth your nails. Our Green Oil contains a blend of 6 oils with multiple active ingredients to promote nail growth and a 99% plant-based formula to regenerate your cuticles and deeply nourish your nails. Healthy Glow Duo is a practical gift that helps to create healthy nails with a natural shine: a subtle touch for minimalists.

Active Glow™ treatment polish will bring out your nails' natural shine while nourishing them. Our Green Oil takes care of your nails and cuticles by deeply nourishing them every day. Our nail care duo is the perfect Mother's Day gift for 2024: try it out with your family while sipping a hot drink and enjoying each other's company. 

Nail care for weakened nails

The perfect gift for revitalising damaged nails! An easy-to-use duo featuring our two best-selling nail care products: our SOS Treatment Base Coat enriched with AHAs, vitamin C and vitamin B5 to deeply repair the keratin layers, paired with our Green Oil, which contains a complex of 6 botanical oils to deeply nourish your nails. An original gift idea for Mother's Day: the perfect opportunity to take care of yourself and your nails.

Our best-selling nail care duo for severely damaged nails, to be used as an intensive 2-week treatment to restore a healthy base before applying a new colour. An ideal pre-summer Mother's Day gift: the perfect opportunity to spruce up your nails for summer. 

Better with glitter

Our irresistible Better with Glitter Duo features rose gold glitter made from plant cellulose - perfect for spicing up your manicures - and glazed-effect powder for an unparalleled shimmer. Ultra-easy to apply with the special foam brush, our biodegradable glitter and powder will give your nails the wow factor while respecting the planet. This great gift, beautifully presented as a set, is a creative way to spend quality time with your family. 

The perfect duo for getting creative in your free time and creating striking nails: for a special occasion or for looking fabulous every day. A fun activity to give your nails the wow factor that can even be done at the last minute using the foam brush. 

Nail Care Pouch

Gift a pouch of nail prep essentials that can be used before a manicure or to create beautiful, natural-looking nails between two polish applications. It contains an emery board, a buffer, a cuticle remover & cuticle pusher, the base coat of your choice and a Green Oil. The result? Strengthened, hydrated, protected nails! We love the red pouch in organic cotton - it makes the perfect gift set.

From prep to perfection, our Nail Care Pouch contains everything you need for healthy, flawless nails. It's a great gift idea for anyone who wants to take care of themselves with a selection of products designed to repair nails between two Green Flash™ manicures. 

Addict Pouch

The complete Green Flash™ kit, featuring the plant-based gel polish that doesn't damage your nails. Our award-winning Green Flash™ formula offers staying power and shine for up to 10 days and 1-minute removal at home, while preserving the nail's keratin layers. Give the gift of our Addict Pouch, which has everything you need for a Green Flash™ manicure. Inside there are 3 colours of your choice for a personal touch, a lamp to suit your desired drying time, our Corrector Pen and all your cuticle essentials, brought together in a thick baby pink organic cotton canvas pouch. The perfect gift set for Green Addict girls that want a high-shine manicure all year round! 

A great gift idea with all your Green Flash™ gel polish essentials together in our most complete kit. Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to promote self-care by gifting a new manicure kit with 3 colours of your choice for a personal touch.

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