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Wedding Day! A selection of Nail Art for the perfect pairing

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It's wedding season! đź’Ť
Whether you're the star of the show or the best bridesmaid, leave nothing to chance on your big day - especially not your manicure. Whatever your chosen - or required - dress code, read on for big-day inspiration to finish a formal look with a flourish or add a pop of colour to a more understated outfit.

With the dress, ceremony, guests and speeches usually planned months in advance, it's all about the final details...
Like your outfit, makeup and hairstyle, your manicure needs to be immaculate.

Are you the blushing bride?

Above all else, remember that the perfect, long-lasting manicure needs healthy, well-prepped nails. So before you even think about what colour to put on your nails, make sure you pamper yourself ahead of time so you look perfect on your wedding day.

Not sure of your nail type or what products to use? Use our nail analysis tool to find out your nail type and how to nourish, maintain and strengthen your nails.

Your big day is all about elegance and harmony. Subtlety is key, so as not to steal the spotlight from your ring or your outfit. But subtle does not mean dull!!

Opt for nude shades that flatter your skin tone or play around with special-effect powders (Glazed, Mirror) or glitter to enhance the radiance of your manicure. Above all else, follow your feelings, so your nails reflect who you are and look perfect on your big day.
Are you more of a fabulous French, noteworthy nude, glazed donut or chrome nail kinda gal? It's up to you...

Glazed French

A Nude to match your skin tone, a stroke of Milky White applied with a liner brush, a touch of Glazed powder et voilĂ  - a brilliant, high-shine manicure to compliment any dress. Compatible with Green & Green Flash polish, our Glazed Effect powder is very easy to apply and will add the ultimate lustre to your manicure.

Glazed Donut

An elegant manicure with a winning combo of pearly sheen and ultra-glowy finish suitable for all styles and skin tones.

Mirror Effect

Capture the light with this chrome-effect manicure that will transform your nails into jewels. đź’Ž Our ultra-fine Mirror Effect powder is compatible with all types of polish and very easy to apply. The intensity of the finish depends on the colour you wear it with.

Perfect Nudes and Shades of Pink

One thing is certain: at Manucurist you'll find the perfect nude or shade of pink to show off your nails at their best. Diamant - Shell Beige - Dune - Beige - Hortencia - Gloss - Milky White… You can also choose to add an extra touch of shine with a glazed powder. It's a little detail that makes a big difference, applied with a dotting tool to create subtle tone-on-tone nail art or to accentuate the contrast with your natural nails.

Glitter Nails

Used sparingly, glitter can make all the difference to your wedding-day look. Apply with a brush to a glazed-effect nude manicure or to a cream or blossom shade that works with your skin tone and your outfit.

Are you a bridesmaid?

If you're a guest, you'll certainly have more choice and it will be all about matching your manicure to your outfit or the theme of the event!

Your time to shine?

If you (yes, you) love glitter, do yourself a favour. ✨ At Manicurist, you can choose from an abundance of colours and they're all biodegradable! Whether worn as a full nail, used to create a graphic shine on a rainbow manicure or subtly placed on your half moons, glitter always works its magic!

Craving colour?

A wedding is a chance to experiment with colour - in your outfit, in your accessories and on your nails - using shades that inspire you and show you off at your best. With a colour palette of over 60 shades available in Green and Green Flash format, the hardest part will be choosing...
Not sure which to choose? Be inspired by our trio and rainbow sets in this season's colours or complete our Colour Finder Quiz to discover your personalised colour palette.

Is red your thing?

This sure-fire winner always looks elegant. Our brighter shades (Poppy Red - Red Coral - Anémone) are perfect for a special occasion.

Do you think in pink?

Péonie - Pétula - Pink Paradise - Hortencia - Blossom - Gloss … take your pick and opt for the intensity, effect and hue that speaks to you.

Is orange the dress code?

Let in the light and spread a little happiness with Sunset, Bird of Paradise, Coral Reef or Pulp. And if you have a tan, the effect will be even more stunning!

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