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Manucurist x Fashion Week 2024

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The biggest fashion event of the year has just come to a close. At the cutting edge of trends, Manucurist was there, alongside talented nail artists to dress the runways of the greatest designers. Come with us to Milan and Paris to discover the nail trends behind the scenes at the biggest shows of Fashion Week 2024! 

February means Fashion Week: we're off to the big capitals for an overview of upcoming trends in Milan and Paris. 

It's a date we're always looking forward to, to discover the next fashion trends and the manicures to discover and test. Manucurist takes you on a journey to the runways of the world's top designers, alongside talented nail artists.

First Stop: Milan 🇮🇹

Featured Designers: Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Venetta, Jil Sander et Numéro 21. 

First stop:  Missoni , where the Smoothing Base and Green traditional-style polish in the shade Beige highlighted silhouettes oscillating between 70s colours and 90s cuts. There's nothing like a clean and chic nail to match a dance of colourful stripes. Vertical & horizontal, on jackets, headbands or tights: get ready for the return of stripes to your wardrobes and nail art inspirations.

Smoothing Base and Green traditional-style polish in the shade Beige highlighted

The return of colourful 70s stripes at the latest Missoni show, highlighted by The Smoothing Base and the Green polish shade Beige.

©Tagwalk @natalia.manicure20

The day continued with the  Dolce & Gabbana  show, where the Green traditional-style polish in the shade Pomegranate was featured. A raspberry red that contrasted black and evocative materials such as satin, lace, silk and velvet... 

Italian widow silhouettes that play with masculinity (berets & epaulet blazers) and ultra-femininity (exposed lingerie, bras & tights). We also love the Path McGrath's vermilion lipstick, to be matched with a red manicure in spring! 

Green traditional-style polish in the shade Pomegranate

The Italian widows of the Dolce&Gabbana show featured the Manucurist shade: Pomegranate.

© Tagwalk @etoilemanagement

Then it was on to the  Feben  show supported by Dolce & Gabbana, where the iconic Ashley Graham appeared in a pleated dress with the Green traditional-style polish in the shade Dark Dahlia at her fingertips. A dark red that contrasts perfectly with the duck blue of the off-shoulder dress: something tells us that this blue will soon be making a comeback! 

Green traditional-style polish in the shade Dark Dahlia

The Manucurist shade, Dark Dahlia, featured on model Ashley Graham's long nails at the Feben show supported by Dolce&Gabbana.

@feben.x @eligrieco @chiara.ciappina @etoilemanagement

Next, let's check out  Bottega Veneta  for an out-of-office-at-sunset vibe. There's nothing better than Active Glow  for an all-in-one manicure in the whirlwind of working life. A perfecting treatment polish with natural active ingredients that gives nails a perfect pink, jelly, glow! Ideal to accompany a wardrobe of autumnal colours. 

We're going for the brick-red, ochre, burgundy, gray and khaki hues that litter shoulder drapes, slim-fitting long skirts and pegged pants to create ultra-desirable corporate chic silhouettes. 

Active Glow was also featured on the hands of models at the  Giambattista Valli show, accompanying baby doll looks in cream, black, ochre, red and pale pink.

The all-in-one treatment polish Active Glow™

The all-in-one treatment polish Active Glow™ matched the corporate vibes featured at the Bottega Venetta’s show.

© Tagwalk @chiara.ciappina

After sunset, take off for the Space Age with  Jil Sander  and their futuristic silhouettes, featuring headdresses reminiscent of Star Trek characters. Amid a decor worthy of a space station, we discover sets with a play of volumes in velvet red, almond green, burgundy, sky blue and pale pink. 

A softness that echoes advanced nail prep for an ultra-clean finish. Discover all the tools you need to perfect your nail beds and create runway worthy looks: Natural Nail FileBuffer SpongeCuticle SoftenerCuticle PusherGreen Oil and Manucurist Botanical Hand Creams were on set to enhance the coloured manicures.

A softness that echoes advanced nail prep for an ultra-clean finish

The hands of models in retro-futuristic silhouettes at the Jil Sander show, enhanced by the Manucurist nail prep kit.

© Tagwalk @nails_jessicafashion

Last stop in this Milanese journey: the N°21 show, where blacks, beiges and browns are punctuated by hints of burgundy and duck blue. 

An apparent simplicity that works perfectly with the matte finish of The Perfecting Matte Top Coat, ideal for smoothing, blurring and concealing all nail blemishes. 

We love the leopard patterns that play with warm materials such as velvet or felt. A palpable tention between the quiet luxury and mob wife trends that we'll be sure to reproduce.

The Perfecting Matte Top Coat

The Perfecting Matte Top Coat on the hands of models at the N°21 show that featured leopard print and a houndstooth suit.

© Tagwalk @ilenia.nails.makeup

Back to Paris 🇫🇷

Back to Manucurist’s hometown with shows from: Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Acne Studios, Chloé, Marine Serre and Miumiu.

The catwalk waltz resumed with the  Saint Laurent show and Green traditional-style polish in the shade Clove was featured on long, almond-shaped nails. We love the fact that it was mixed with the Green Natural Base Coat for a jelly-like effect. 

After several shows featuring multiple shades of black, Anthony Vaccarello and his teams proposed a collection of autumnal hues in which ochre, brick, eggplant and brown converged. Instead of knitwear, the collection featured slim-fitting cuts and pleated tulle to envelope the models' silhouettes in transparency, like the nails specially designed for the show.

The Manucurist Green Traditional-style polish in the shade Clove

The Manucurist Green Traditional-style polish in the shade Clove mixed with the Green Natural Base Coat for a jelly-like Saint Laurent effect.

© Tagwalk @alexandrajanowski

Next, we headed to the  Nina Ricci  show where we saw ultra-powerful silhouettes in cool-toned colours such as Klein blue, carmine red and deep purple. 

On the catwalk, sheer tulle mingled with lace for a touch of femininity, while the stripes of bow-tied tuxedos met 50s-inspired polka-dot dresses. 

The silhouettes are accessorized with oversized bow ties as headpieces, in keeping with the house's standard codes. These looks were enhanced with the Manucurist shade: Licorice, featured on long stiletto-style nails. This deep black hue was also featured at the  Carven  show, where models sported intellectual silhouettes with impeccably crafted cuts.

The Manucurist shade Licorice Green Flash

The Manucurist shade Licorice featured on the stiletto nails of the models at the latest Nina Ricci show.

© Tagwalk @manicuredbysimone

We're off to the  Acne Studios  show, where we find the Green traditional-style polish in the shade Pastel Pink on the models' nails. A soft pink with beige undertones reminiscent of a natural nail colour, echoing the show's "second-skin" garments, as if to protect the Acne woman from a hostile world. Indeed: the fur envelops the busts, the trench collar protects the neck from the cold and the dress featured an integrated scarf, while the knitted hoodie became a cocoon dress with a zip you can't help but dream of bundling up in.

The Manucurist shade Pastel Pink

The second-skin effect at the Acne Studios show, where the garments hugged the body and the polish imitated the natural colour of the nail with the Manucurist shade Pastel Pink.

© Tagwalk @elsadurrens

At  Chloé , they choose the Smoothing Base for an ultra-net look. This base coat treatment protects and nourishes the natural nails and was specifically designed to fill nail ridges and smooth bumps while its light pink tint corrects imperfections and blurs the nail plate. A must-have for the chic, bohemian Chloé woman, who seems to float above the catwalk draped in a sheer, ruffled maxi dress. Airy silhouettes with a play of transparency between lace and tulle, highlighted by draping galore.

Manucurist’s Smoothing Base Treatment

Manucurist’s Smoothing Base Treatment on Doutzen Kroes' nails at the last Chloé show, for an ultra-clean, weightless effect.

©Tagwalk @am_beaute_concept 

@_ateliermanupedi @lesjolisonglesdemilie 

@yohshe  @m.o.n.a.j 

@claraben @tessidy.soleil @leelow.nails 

The  Marine Serre  show was dedicated to the zeitgeist: silhouettes mixing industrial hip-hop and everyday workwear embellished with the famous moon monogram. A play of hybridizations between vacation comfort and workwear elements. 

The fashion house offered a vision of urban chic that blended the imaginations of Berlin's industrial aesthetic with sporty elements. A portrait of the modern urban woman juggling work, leisure and vacations in the great outdoors, with the Manucurist shade Red Cherry at the tips of stiletto nails.

The iconic Red Cherry shade by Manucurist

The iconic Red Cherry shade by Manucurist, featured on the models' stiletto nails at the Marine Serre show. 

© Tagwalk @anaiscordevant

We left Marine Serre for the  Ester Manas  show, where the Manucurist shade Orme was featured. A soft, elegant latté, brown-taupe, seen on short nails. We love the contrast between the transparency of mesh tops and ruffled tulle and the ultra-comfortable 90s sportswear ribbed knits. 

The Manucurist shade Orme

The Manucurist shade Orme was featured on the nails of the models in the Ester Manas show. 

© Tagwalk @beatrice_eni

Last but not least, we loved the Zimmermann show, where the models paraded on a burgundy velvet carpet in flowing silhouettes created with earth-toned colours. Not surprisingly, the Manucurist shade: Indian Summer was chosen to appear on the models' hands. 

On the program: leopard print, eggplant toned leather and brick coloured embroidery to represent the urban woman in the setting sun. 

The Manucurist shade Indian Summer

 The Manucurist shade Indian Summer was featured on the hands of the models at the Zimmermann show.

© Tagwalk @ccnailsparis

A huge thank you to all the nail artists who put their trust in Manucurist products for the shows during this year’s fashion weeks in Paris and Milan. 


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