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Manucurist X Barbapapa : Let your imagination do the talking

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Plunge into the universe imagined by the most colourful and crazy collab of the season. Manucurist et Barbapapa unite for an unforgettable collection that will excite one and all, big and small! A unique creation based on two fun and creative brands with a passion for colour and naturality.

Timeless, iconic and transgenerational, Intemporels, Barbapapas are part of pop culture. This wacky and original childrens based creation first debuted in 1974 and still resonates today. Pop colours, ecological characters, creative, calming and optimistic, Babrbapapas transcend genres and generations to convey values that are also our own.

It was only natural that we should turn these characters into an imaginative collab, for the coolest addition to our Petite Manucurist Children’s nail polish line, which much like the Barbapapas, carry a healthy dose of fun and a high degree of naturality!

Safe for Kits, Petite Mancurist nail polishes feature a water-based formula created with plant-based ingredients. Its clean composition is guaranteed free from controversial molecules so children can let their imaginations run wild in complete safety.

Their pocket sized bottles feature illustrations of the characters, and are completely adapted to children’s hands, starting at age 3, so they can colour their nails like grown-ups. The best of all? These colours are easy to remove and clean with soapy water, no stress and no mess!

Let’s go ‘Barba-manucures’ !!

A water-based formula that is clean and safe for kids.

Happy family

La Barbapapa collection is a whole family to discover, with colours that match each of the characters.

For this special collaboration, Manucurist has developed 9 new Petite Mancuurist shades and two Green shades. Something to delight young and old alike!


In his comforting pink shade, Barbapapa is supportive and helpful while also being a real prankster! He is a jovial and caring dad.


With her sparkles, Barbamama is soft and sweet, always there to comfort her little ones, the best mom in the world!

Barbapapa & Barbamama
exist also in Green !


The eldest of the family is dynamic and sporty, as his red hair represents strength and energy. Attentive and energetic, the red big brother is still always there to be comforting and offer a cuddle when needed.


Barbotine and her magnificent orange colour is the queen of knowledge, always with a book in hand… you can’t miss her! She is quick-witted, warm and full of joy.


Nature holds no secrets for Barbibul, a budding chemist! His beautiful blue colour is reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. His wisdom and calmness are his greatest assets.


Barbalala is the musician of the family, full of creativity and daydreams. Her beautiful green colour reminds us of the freshness of nature.


The colour yellow, Barbidou is very calm and sensitive. Open-minded and sociable, he loves watching birds and discovering nature.

Barbalala, Barbidou & Barbibul.
Discover the whole family together in the Barbapapa X Manucurist set!


Dressed in all purple, Barbabelle loves beauty and her sublime colour embodies vivacity!


Barbouille is an artist who scribbles his creativity in his sketchbook or right on to his canvas. His difference is his strength. He draws inspiration from everything around him and is an artist with a big heart.

Barba-fiesta everywhere

To make the party even more fun, Manucurist has designed 4 boards of “Barba-tattoos” to use on nails or skin! Share the pleasure of colour and create precious family moments together.

And for the more imaginative possibilities, you can also count on the entire Petite Mancurist selection. Glittery purples, iridescent blues, shimmering golds… a whole colourful animal world for kids!

A rainbow of colours also available in screen-printed mini flasks to delight little collectors.

Great stories ahead to discover ✨

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