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How to harden my nails?

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Soft, broken or fragile nails that just dont seem to improve? Manicures that don't last, or polish that keeps chipping? Discover all our tips and routine idees to improve, reinforce and maintain healthy & happy nails and hands!

Our nails, much like our hair and skin, require alot of care and attention to stay strong and healthy. Soft nails are often times a result of daily habits and care rituals, so putting in place a good routine will help to improve nail health and strength. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips to follow!

Tip 1 : Proactivity over reactivity !

The first thing to do when you want to strengthen your nails is to identify the risk factors and bad habits that contribute to softening or weakening them such as:

  • over use, not using protection, the use of toxic or aggressive chemicals like cleaning products...
  • frequent use of fake nails, acrylics or gels that require acetone (strips the natural fatty layer that protects the nails) or drilling (damages keratin fibers) to remove. ;
  • Over exposure to humidity and frequent hand washing with extremely hot water. ;
  • an unbalanced diet ;
  • not drinking enough water…

Avoiding risky siturations as much as possible is already a good thing, but it's not always good enough...

There are a number of external factors and bad habits that can contribute to fragile and/or soft nails

Tip 2 : Restoring Balance

We may not always think about it but the quality of our nails reflect directly the state of our general health and nutrition, largely related to the level of vitamins and minerals we consume through our daily eating habits. Vitamins and minerals are very important to the synthesis of keratine (the main building block of our nail fibers) and are therefore essential to keeping your nails strong and healthy.
In order to avoid deficiencies, be sure to include high volumes of foods rich in biotin, zinc, copper and magnesium to help restore balance, regenerate nails and promote growth.

As a preventative or curative treatment Nail boost regenerates nails from the inside!

Tip 3 : Give your nails a reset

Much like our skin and hair, our nails need to be regularly hydrated and nourished with products adapted to their specifiic needs. To keep nails strong and in good health, it is essential to integrate treatments into your manicure routine. Try a regenerating reset in between color applications, either by taking a break from polish products and integrating a nourishing base treatment, or performing a 5 minute reset that can be done in 3 easy steps. :

Step 1- Gently remove polish with the help of Green Flash nourishing acetone-free polish remover , which is enriched with nourishing oils.

Step 2- Apply some drops of The Complete Serum on each nail and massage until it is absorbed by nails and cuticles. This water-based formula is rich in panthenol, chestnut seed extract and glycerin, which deeply hydrate and resaturate dry, fragile nail fibers.

Step 3 Complete this hydrating reset with sole drops of Nourishing Green Oil . It's mix of essential actives come from 6 different botanical oils that revitalize cuticles and stimulate growth.

The combination of these two care treatments (sérum + huile verte) rich in multiple actives that work to reinforce, strengthen and deeply nourish nails.

Tip 4 : Protect and Reinforce

Contrary to popular belief, our nails are not completely waterproof! Exposure to excessive humidity and aggressive products can make them soft and brittle.

This is why it is essential to protect nail fibers and apply a base coat, paying special attention to the free edge of the nail where lifting and chipping to allow water or humidity to enter under. This is an important step even when you are not planning to add a coloured manicure coat on top.

The best thing to do between two gel polish applications is to take a treatment break with an adapted base coat that specifically treats your nails' needs. This way your nails are perfectly protected and you can add a beautiful coloured coat on top when you feel like!

To strengthen soft nails, opt of an AHA-enriched base that restores and strengthens the nail plate while promoting healthy regrowth.

At Manucurist, we've designed the Base Force Treatment specifically to strengthen soft nails.

Enriched with AHA and PHA, it acts as a true hardening and repairing cure for soft nails. It can be applied for maitenance, as a hardening base alone, or before applying a Green colour of your choice. As a hardening cure, you can apply 2 times a week for long-lasting, strong and healthy nails.

For a hardening break with a glossy, rosy effect, you can also opt for a nail-perfecting treatment such as Active Glow, which nourishes and regenerats your nails while giving them a shiny, plump glowy finish.

a hybrid of color and care, its formula is 85.5% plant based and formulated with sweet almond oil, known for it's nourishing properties, and raspberry extracts, concentrated with AHAs that soften and regernate.

A particularly effective treatment to restore and revitalize even the most fragile of nails

This is the perfect way to say goodbye to soft nails and extend the life of your manicures at the same time! Remember that nail polish always lasts longer on healthy, well-prepared nails.