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What is the Purpose of a Base Coat?

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Why do my nails need a base coat?
It's a question that comes up frequently and it can sometimes be difficult to choose, but there's no need to panic! We're here to help you make sense of it all.


You should apply a layer of base coat to bare nails before your coloured polish.
It is usually clear but sometimes has a hint of colour to conceal imperfections or poorly coloured nails (yellow, white, stained, ridged, etc.). Like a foundation or corrective cream used in makeup, a base coat can be used to conceal minor flaws in your nails and enhance them before applying a nude polish or opting for a natural look.
But that's not their only use!


Perfection, protection and nutrition

Applying a base coat can improve the health of your nails and their natural colour, and ensure your manicures last longer.

Worn on its own, your base coat can provide your nails with effective protection by safeguarding them from external aggressors and humidity, which can weaken them. A layer of base coat also makes an excellent foundation for your polish by providing an even surface that colours can adhere to easily. It acts as a barrier between the nail and the coloured polish to prevent marks and stains, while ensuring better adhesion to help prolong your colour and its radiance.


Which base coat should you use with a traditional polish?

A layer of base coat under a traditional polish is an essential step if you want your manicure to last. Creating an even surface that the polish can adhere to helps prevent it from chipping and peeling prematurely and ensures your manicure will go the distance.

Layers of base coat are particularly important when you use very pigmented colours on your nails, which could leave traces when removed. The layer of base coat forms a barrier between the nail and the colour, preserving the nail's natural colour. Finally, base coats are sometimes formulated with active, hydrating, strengthening or nourishing ingredients, which care for the nail plate.

When a base coat becomes a treatment...

Manucurist offers a wide range of treatment base coats suitable for all types of nails and to meet all needs. If you want to know your nail type, our diagnostic nail tool will help you find out in a few clicks and recommend the best base coat to meet your needs!

Formulated with up to 84% ingredients of plant origin, our treatment base coats are bursting with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your nails in tip-top condition.


Green Base Coat

This base coat is enriched with pistachio resin and avocado, spinach and green tea extracts to protect and care for your nails. Concentrated vitamins and nutrients with antioxidant properties make this base coat a protective, nourishing treatment that takes care of your nails whatever your chosen colour!

5.5 Base Coat

The perfect base coat to give your nails a boost and keep them healthy. It contains 5 plant extracts and 5 vitamins that together offer a full dose of everything your nails need to stay hydrated, strong and healthy.

Force Base Coat

For soft nails that just need strengthening, this base coat contains AHAs, which are extremely beneficial for nails that bend, flex and break easily.

Smoothing Base Coat

A common problem, ridged nails can be caused by vitamin deficiencies or simple ageing. This slightly tinted, smoothing base coat is specially formulated for this type of nail and helps fill in the ridges and even out the nail surface while hydrating and strengthening it.

Perfecting Matte Base Coat

This base coat visibly blurs imperfections while strengthening your nails with its keratin- and AHA-rich formula.

S.O.S. Base Coat

The ultimate base coat for regenerating damaged or weakened nails, its formula is bursting with hydrating, nourishing and protective ingredients to help restore the nail's structure: vitamin B5, vitamin C and AHAs. After applying it for a week, your nails will be completely regenerated.


What is the difference between base coats for gel and LED polish and base coats for ordinary polish?

The chemical composition of gel and LED nail polishes is different from ordinary polish. They contain chemicals that dry and harden in UV light.
A base coat is an essential step to help the different layers adhere under the lamp, protect your nails and ensure your manicure lasts by reducing the risk of premature chipping.
In terms of removal, traditional gel polish base coats can be hard to remove, which risks damaging the nail structure. They need to be dissolved with acetone, which destroys the layer of fat that protects your nails, and often require an abrasive drill to be used on the nail plate.

Luckily for you, this is not the case with Green Flash LED polish, the clean alternative to gel nail polish, whose base coat has the same adhesive and protective properties. It can be removed quickly and easily with a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover. The polish comes off the nail on its own in just one minute - it's magic ✨

In addition, our Green Flash Base Coat is formulated with 84% ingredients of plant origin, which allows you to easily change colour while preserving our planet's precious resources!

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