Tips and tricks for a green and clean beauty

Just like the South of France… Marseille in a trio of colours

It's impossible not to be wowed by Marseille, the city where summer never ends! Steeped in history, it inspired our new colours, which are warm and captivating.

Bisous and Manucurist Collab

A closer look at our collab with Mathilde Cabanas, the fun, ultra-colourful lifestyle brand founded by Mathilde Cabanas.

How to remove her semi-permanent varnish Green Flash without damaging the nails

The withdrawal has become a real obstacle to the application of semi-permanent varnish, but is it wrongly demonized? The team reveals its tips for an easy and gentle removal.

A countryside chat with Élise Dumas, founder of @thePineapplechef

Stylist and photographer Élise Dumas talks about her career and the inspiration behind the shoot for our new collection, Pick of the Season

How to make your manicure green flash like a pro

The team reveals all its tips and guides you Step by Step to succeed in your semi-permanent manicure at home as well as in institute.

A trio of juicy colours for a peachy keen summer

Shine bright this summer! We've created a summer collection with a fruity feel—deliciously vibrant and oh-so-juicy. A tasty treat for the eyes!

A free and colourful conversation with Lisa Gachet & Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz

Make My Lemonade and Manucurist have joined forces to create two new colours: Lisa Lilas and Pink Paradise.

Because one colour is never enough, meet the Rainbow Kit

Spring 2021 heralded the arrival of the rainbow manicure, as seen in the Instagram accounts of nail artists everywhere. Time to take a closer look at this new trend.

The varnish, how does it work?

What happens when we apply our favorite nail polish? We explain everything to you in this article.

How to prepare your Like a Pro nails

The Manucist team reveals its tips to prepare its Like A Pro nails before a varnish or semi-permanent installation.

Feminism, Maternity & Self-Care: the interview with Gaëlle, founder of Manucurist

CEO and co-founder of Manucrist, Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz returns to the genesis of the project and confides her impressions of a very active woman, mother and entrepreneur.

With or without lamp: choose your camp!

Difficult to navigate in all the varnish offers ... Don't panic: here is a little guide to find the routine that suits you best.

The latest trends in awesome nail art

From pastel and pop colours to abstract patterns, graphic lines and poetic waves, nail art is more on trend than ever. Read on to find out more.

The French manicure is back!

Made famous by the stars of the 1970s, the French manicure is back with a bang on Instagram in a colourful pop version! Time to take a closer look at this new trend.

Milky White in Green Flash version, very French

Milky White is a gourmet veil, a whipped cream effect with a slight pinkish appearance. Our advice to apply it in Milky French on your nails!

Manucurist x Make My Lemonade: Nail & Body, the perfect match

To celebrate the collaboration between Manucurist and Make My Lemonade, let's take a closer look at the two colours co-created with Lisa Gachet, Make My Lemonade's founder.

Mint and Bois de Rose: a British pastel pairing

Our new pastel pairing is a sweet treat; a subtle breath of fresh air among the powder and parasols. Focus on our application ideas!

Green, very green, always more green

Eco-friendly varnishes are good. A reasoned production is even better! Focus on Manucist commitments.

Green Flash: our 10 tips for optimal outfit

The Manucrist Team reveals its tips and the good practices to adopt to keep its semi-permanent Green Flash for 10 days or more!

The top coat Sunshine: let the sun make!

We explain everything to you on this extraordinary top coat in "green" sauce, the last step for a protected, sublimated manicure, and prolonged outfit.

Our feminist reading-list to read urgently

The team has concocted a list of 5 feminist works to put in all hands and to read imperatively!