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Damaged nails? weakened? Try our detox treatment ritual

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Say goodbye to damaged and weakened nails! Discover our detox manicure ritual designed to gently and deeply revitalize them.

Subjected to severe test throughout the year, our nails often reflect our dietary excesses, as aesthetic. Repeated manicures, frequent applications of semi-permanent gels, excessive sanding and filing, use of poor quality products, hormonal changes, overexposure to humidity... not only alter the quality of our nails, but can also prevent them from holding up well. our varnishes.

It is therefore essential to give them a break and to establish a real care routine in their daily lives.

Here is a Premium treatment in 5 steps to offer your nails regularly before applying a treatment base, a Green colored varnish or after applying a semi for a lasting maintenance of the health of the nail and to facilitate the holding of varnishes.

Step 1 / Prepare the nail for treatment

File your nails, with the softer side of a 100/180 File , and let a few drops of Emollient act before gently pushing back your cuticles to obtain a clean nail outline.

Then use the preparatory file , always in the direction of growth, to open the scales of the nail, activate cellular exchanges, prevent its splitting and prepare it to receive care.

Step 2 / Nourish deeply

Generously apply Green Oil , massage the nails and cuticles, then apply a dab of Baume Rose with a brush on top of the hands. Then wrap them in a Hot Towel for 5 minutes to promote absorption.

Product tips
The combination of these two treatments ultra-rich in oils with multiple active ingredients and heat, guarantees optimal absorption to nourish the nail in depth.

Step 3 / Degrease

Massage your hands, using the excess Balm and Oil, then degrease your nails with a cotton pad soaked in Gentle Green Flash Nail Polish Remover .

Step 4 / Regenerate & hydrate

Finish the treatment by applying a drop of Complete Serum to each nail then massage gently until completely absorbed.

Product tips
Concentrated in water and regenerating active ingredients, the serum penetrates deep into the nail plate to hydrate and strengthen it from within.

Step 5 / Treat & strengthen

Finalize your manicure by applying a care base adapted to the nature of your nails. Damaged nails, soft nails, ridged, brittle nails... each type of nail deserves specific care.

You don't know which base to choose?
Diagnose your nails and find the care you need to finish this detox manicure in style and keep your nails looking healthy. ✨

For a shiny and tangy finish, you can also replace the base coat with one to two coats of Active Glow. Enriched with AHA, raspberry extract, and sweet almond oil, this perfecting nail polish restores and nourishes the nails while adorning them with a unique rosy Glow.