Happy Mother's Day: a gift for every personality

We listen to her often, we are inspired by her all the time, we call her regularly and we love her unconditionally. Whether she is flirtatious, natural or adventurous...each mother is unique. So to celebrate those who are dear to us, we have prepared a selection of gift ideas adapted to all personalities.

Green Flash, green Find the perfect gift to cherish the hands of a mother who, in every circumstance, has tucked us in, comforted us and encouraged us.

The Adventurer

She runs around, is not afraid of anything, loves to travel to the other side of the world. Always ready for an improvised weekend, a bike ride, a trail in the mountains, a canoe trip...

To accompany her everywhere in her adventures, choose the Set Green Flash and its lamp Slim lamp that will guarantee him lasts and brightness in all circumstances.

Set Green Flash - 75€

The working girl in a hurry

She has a minister's schedule, juggling everyday between her job, her activities, her family life... For her, every minute counts and she optimizes time 100%. Taking care of herself - OK - but it has to fit in her time slots!
Give her the pleasure of a manicure express and long-lasting.

With the Kit Pro Green Flashit will only take 20 minutes to make her beautiful!

The artist

Sensitive to artistic and cultural beauty, she lives in a world of colors, overflowing with creative imagination, visiting exhibitions, museums, concerts... and loves to share these moments with those she loves.

For her: The Rainbow Party Kit ! A palette of colors, available in green or Green Flash to play with shades, create at will and perfectly match the artistic creations she loves!

The natural one

Calm, calm and contemplative, she likes to take time for good things, to recharge her batteries in the middle of nature. Sensitive to the world and to others, she likes to share things simply with her family and friends.

Offer her the Set green to preserve her nails with products clean while having fun with color!

Set green - 35€

The Careful Minutia Lady

She loves beauty and for her, every detail counts. Coquettish and chic in all circumstances, she knows how to take care of herself and others, with the best.

Give her the pleasure of a perfect, shiny manicure that lasts with the Addict Kit with all the must have from nail preparation to application.

The creative one

Rather open and curious by nature, she likes to test new things, to live new experiences and imprint her creative style in her life, as in her relationships...

Free her creativity by offering her the Set Nail ArtYou'll find a lot of inspiration in our many tutorials to try out.

Set Nail Art - 85€

Give her some time!

Finally, because our moms are unique and nothing could please them more than to enjoy us, let's give them some time!
Share a special moment together: a picnic in the country, a gourmet snack, a cozy evening, a walk in the fresh air... no matter the place or even the activity, the most important thing is to reserve a special moment for you both.

And if you are together near Paris, enjoy a manicure break together Green Flash Duo at Green Club ?

Book a time slot

For a little attention

We all need a moisture boost! The Hand Cream and Pink Balm duo with its organic cotton kit to slip in everywhere for soft, well-nourished skin everywhere, all the time!

(Re)discover the colors in duo! Green Flash or green(Re)discover colors in pairs !

Duo Set Green Flash - Lilas & Lisa Lilas - 34€

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