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What Nail Colors to Wear this Autumn

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Let yourself get inspired by the star colors of the season and find the fall colour palette that helps your seasonal looks shine!

Fall offers a palette of colours rich and warm, perfect for developing manicures with depth and creativity. A season of transition with unique reflections that encourage us to slow down and savor moments of warmth, pampering and self-care
It is also the ideal period to experiment with new colours! You prefer deep shades, classic for the season, or bolder shades that make you stand out? One thing is for sure: in Autumn you will be spoiled with choices when it comes to adapting your manicures to your style and skintone.

Let's take a look at the star colours of the moment and indugle in all the fall favorites to choose from!

Back to Earth

Signifying the return to earth tones, fall is THE season for warm colours, baskets stuffed with mushrooms, comforting snacks and roasted chestnuts. We revel in deep, gourmand hues like browns and beiges, which add a touch of warmth to our looks and give us a feeling of comfort and serenity.

Chestnut, Dune, Orme & Clove :
Deep, rich shades of fall .

Bordeaux, reds and deep violets

Iconic shades of the season, shades of burgundy, violet and deep red evoke the ripe fruit, late harvest and purple foliage of the season.

On a manicure, these colours will add a glamorous and elegant touch to any autumn outfit and are all perfect for many occasions: formal events, festive celebrations or casual, cozy days.

Dark Pansy, Red Cherry, Pomegranate & Violeta :
The must haves of the season!

Shades of Green

Nature and freshness of the autumn months are reflected in the green of pine trees, playing invigorating contrasts to the surrounding landscapes

From khaki to shimmering greens to bolder shades charged with excitment, we dare to go for Green Manicures that pair perfectly with the warmer shades, like pinks and oranges, of the season .

Khaki, Poison & Artichaut :
Trendy Autumn Greens !

Touches of gray

A subtle blend of delicacy and refinement, shades of gray in slate or bluish-green tones give a sence of softness and warmth as temperatures drop and days grow shorter

a cozy touch to slip on your fingertips this season

Clay & Sauge :
Autumnal softness at your fingertips !

Brick Red

A warm and vibrate color that captures the spirit of autumn, Brique is definitely a shade with a lot of star power this season 🍁

Raw pigment, tone-on-tone for the season, it's impossible to go without this colour that enhances all complexions

It's up to you to choose the shade that appeals to you and adds a touch of vitality to your nails.

Indian summer, Brique, Terracotta :
Two tone looks of the season

Iridescent and metallic shades

Coppery highlights and tricks of light take over our nails this fall season for light catching manicures using metallic and iridescent shdes like Bronze & Gold will also be part of the must-haves to reveal the luminous harmony of the season ✨

Metallic & Bronzé :
Bright shades of the season

Play with variety

Last but not least, autumn is also the ideal season to vary your pleasures! Find your harmony by choosing the palette that is right for you and give yourself free rein to your creativity and enjoy colourful, flavorful manicures

Get inspired by a varity of shades
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