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Customisable Rainbow Petite Manucurist

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Choose any 5 Petite Manucurist Kids nail polishes and create your own customized Rainbow at a great price!
One color is never enough! 🌈

Pick 5 colors:

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  • 3
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Description & Benefits

No risk of staining. If the polish spills onto clothing or fabric, wash immediately with soapy water.

  • Water-based formula
  • Products suitable for children
  • Comes off when you wash your hands
  • Mini bottle and brush
  • Pop colours and glitter
How to use nail polish Petite Manucurist?

Minimum age required: 3 years old

Shake the bottle well.

Apply one or two layers of colour depending on the effect you want.

Shake your hands to dry it and you’re done!

How to remove the polish : Simply wash your hands in soapy water!

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Customisable Rainbow Petite Manucurist


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