3-way polisher

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Our buffer is a 3-sided block designed to smooth, polish and shine your nails for a natural, ultra-shiny result and flawless finish.

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A must-have tool for adding the finishing touch to your manicure, especially if you don't often wear polish. An essential step before applying your colour.

How to use the 3-sided polisher?

Step 1 - Smooth

Effectuate back and forth movements, from the outside to the inside of the nail plate, using the pink surface.

Step 2 - Polish

Repeat the operation using the white surface.

Step 3 - Shine

Finish with the grey side, using circular movements all over the nail plate. For an even longer-lasting, shiny result, use the Preparation File before the 3-Sided Polisher.

3-way polisher
3-way polisher
3-way polisher
3-way polisher


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