Green Flash routines

Green Flash, the 1st semi-permanent clean who is withdraw like a varnish. No more damaged nails!
Discover our solutions for a shiny and intact manicure up to 10 days in 3 steps Easy.
Remove your color: child's play! The withdrawal is made in 2 minutes chrono With a soft solvent without acetone.

Express routine

This expert routine contains the essentials for a pro manicure at home.
Thanks to the power of the lamp, experience a pose Easy & Express in 20 minutes flat !

Nomade routine - New ✨

This “to go” routine contains our must-have for a shiny manicure up to 10 days in 30 minutes Chrono!
Notice to working green girls and travelers, New slim lamp accompanies you everywhere thanks to its ergonomics and his USB port.

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Winner Cosmopolitan summer beauty awards UK 2021
Marie Claire - Prix d'excellence de la beauté 2020
Vernis semi-permanent
Addict kit Green Flash
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Discovery routine

This routine to begin Contains our essentials to test the semi-permanent varnish Green Flash.
A break Easy in 3 steps And a gentle removal with our bio-sourced dissolving water.