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activates its function in depth while you are sleeping. This active and highly nutritional product passes throughout a nail for hours so as to hydrate layers of keratin. 

SERUM COMPLET is an multifunction treatment which can correct and make your nails beautiful.
It hydrates intensively the nails, and palliates its dryness, crack or ribs on nails.
Anti-aging, hydrating and making grow the nail, this treatment stimulates also its growth.

Designed for strengthen and protect the nails, BASE 5.5 proposes a nurturing combination of 5 extracts from plants and 5 vitamins.

This treatment is an completely ideal base for strengthening and taking care of the thin, weak, and cracked nails also for softening dry and hard nails.

Bottle 12 ml

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5.5 BASE: Vitamin C with anti-oxidant properties, combined with vitamins A, E and F, rehydrate and strengthen the keratin of the nail. Aloe vera and pomegranate seed oil extract nourish the nail, calcium strengthens it. Grape and ginseng extracts revitalize it. Lemon prevents yellowing. Formaldehyde-free.

COMPLETE SERUM: Enriched with Keratin and D-Panthenol proteins, COMPLETE SERUM ensures the cohesion of the keratin layers between them. Glycerin nourishes the nail. Its formula, rich in amino acids, prevents ageing.

Anti-ageing, moisturizing and powerful nail regenerator, this treatment also stimulates their growth.

INTENSIVE NIGHT MASK: Its high urea concentration allows intense rehydration, especially appreciated by dry, brittle and fragile nails. Magnesium carries the active ingredients into the keratin of the nail. Paraben-free, solvent-free.


5.5 BASE:
For maintenance: apply as a treatment base before applying the varnish. When applied alone, it offers a very shiny finish.
As a cure: apply daily for 7 days by superimposing the coats. The treatment can be applied alone or on the colour. After this time, remove the nail make-up and continue the treatment for 1 to 2 months, then switch to maintenance mode.

COMPLETE SERUM: Apply daily directly to the nail and cuticles.

INTENSIVE NIGHT MASK: Ideal between two manicures, this treatment allows all types of nails to regenerate themselves. It is a unique treatment to offer to the nails once a week. He leaves a film that can be removed with soap in the morning. It is applied to a clean and bare nail in the evening.