Starting kit Green Flash


Starting kit Green Flash - PLV KRAFT
- 3 bases
- 18 colours
- 3 tops
- 3 dissolving water
- 1 nail polish solvent
- planches stickers x3
- sticker vitrine - écriture Green Flash
- sticker vitrine - visuel Green Flash
- protocole
- DP pro
Bottle 15ml
Units : 28 
Le Green Flash doit être posé avec une lampe LED 18W, la base & le top Green Flash.

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A super easy protocole !

Preparation: Lightlly buff the nail surface and degrease the nail.

1. Apply the GREEN FLASH BASE COAT in a thin layer and seal the free edge of the nail –1 Catalyse 1 min under a LED lamp

2. Apply 2 coats of GREEN FLASH COLOUR in thin layers and seal the free edge of the nail. - Catalyse each coat under a LED lamp

3. Apply the GREEN FLASH TOP COAT in a thin layer and seal the free edge of the nail. - Catalyse 2 min under a LED lamp

REMOVAL : Put the tip of your finger in a wrap soaked with the GREEN FLASH REMOVER. Let soak for 2 min. When removing, rub the wrap to remove the gel polish.

Remove the excess with a cotton soaked with the GREEN FLASH REMOVER.

To go further into the formula …

The GREEN FLASH line has be designed to be as naturel and respectful as possible for the planet.

Naturel ingredients were chosen with care for this formula : sugar cane, manioc, corn, wheat, clay and cotton.

The Green Flash range has been formulated without any endocrine disruptor or

allergen molecule. It is guaranteed without sensitizing monomer or hydroquinone.

And it is still 9 free! Without toluene, DBP, camphor, xylen, formaldehyde (the compound and the resin), ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), ben-zophenone 1&2 and styrene.