Rescue Easy Gel UV/LED


Rescue Easy Gel is an invisible gel which is so easy to use that it is not required to know the technics of « false nails ». Its presentation in bottle gives back an easy use as well as the permanent gel nail. 

Advantages : it strenghtens and reconstitute the thin, fragile and damaged nail plate, for an invisible and natural result, and a perfect holdness. It can be dissolved by Remover, respects the natural nail, can be combined with Nutribase for taking care of and protecting the keratine of the nail.

Applications : Rescue Easy Gel makes recovering a damaged nail or extending a short nail on nail form or on nail capsule. Perfect self-smooth, it is not mandatory to file it. It can be followed by putting a permanent gel polish or a classic nail polish. It can also add an additional reinforcement with a classic building in gel.

Size 15 mL.

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Get rid of the luster gently the nail plate with file and disinfect. Apply Nutribase (brush thinly, while brushing the free edge of nail).
Do your nail one by one: Brush once RESCUE EASY GEL without touching skin, brush correctly the free edge of nail and put the nail 5 seconds under the lamp. Continue the same step for the rest 4 nails, and then put a whole hand under the lamp :

- 60 seconds under lamp LED
- 2 minutes under lamp UV

Remove the sticky coat with Cleaner, put a drop of Huile au Miel or Légère on each nail.

Putting a classic nail polish : remove the oil on the nail, apply directly the polish in twice coats and brush once Finition Totale.

Putting a permanentLac or Perfect Polish : remove the sticky coat after putting Rescue Easy gel, and get rid of the luster and the brightness (optional).
Apply the color directly, without putting the base, in 1 or 2 brushes.
Finish the step with finition gel and polymerise, remove the sticky coat and l’huile au Miel or Légère.

Usage on a building in gel : after filing the building jn gel, apply a thin coat of Rescue Easy Gel, polymerise 2 mn under UV or 30 seconds under LED, and then apply directly a coat gel of finition.