Sculptor UV 40g


An essential work of Gel Manucurist Pro product! Sculptor gel is the first developed reference which continues, more than 10 years after its launch, to be a best seller. This gel allows to shape the nails like no other product exists before this product, and make us forget the "false nails".

It is a gel of compact building and very resistant, il gives an incomparable result of resistance for the hardest nails. Its slightly bluish color corrects the yellowness of the nail. It makes rapidly a shape, and it doesn't sink in the skin even if it is done in the round shape.

Guidance of Usage : This gel can be used easily.

After the base, apply it on all nails, en renforçant les points de stress et while brushing the nail. 

Polymerise 2 mn.

Use a degreaser then file the surface of the nail.

Dust them, then put the gel of finition.

Size: 40g.

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Sulptor can be overheat during the process of polymerisation : if the nail is damaged or very thin, if you wear this product very thick, if the temperature goes up or if your lamp UV is a brandnew product.
It is necessary and important to ensure the comfort of your client, for avoiding "not to burn" the client must remove his/her hand 3 seconds after the beginning of polymerisation, put correctly the hand out of lamp for 10 sec, renew this process twice, and then put it again under the lamp 2 minutes.