Bonding is a gel UV of transparent building in medium consistency. Very brillant, it can be also used in gel mono coat. This gel more likely to be fluid can be applied without problem and it allows equilizing immediately.

Guidance of Usage :

After the base, put on all nails, strenghten the zone of lateral nail folds and brush the nail.

Duration of polymerisation 2 mn.

Use a degreaser, then file the surface of the nail.

Dust them, and then apply the gel of finition.

Size 40 g 

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The « advanced » level of technician can work several nails at the same time, but for those who are less advanced, putting the product one by one is desirable. In this case, flash 3 seconds under the lamp UV each nail for holding the gel. Work alternatively on both hands.
For applying easily, the gels UV can be put in overlapped layers and can be polymerised one by one.