Soluble glossy finishing gel without image.

To be even more efficient and reduce the application time, while revealing a mirror shine, the EASY OFF TOP makes obsolete the image step of the finishing gel when removing PERMANENT LAC colours.  To increase the ease of removal and care for the nail on the color, use the VITAL EASY OFF base.

The PERMANENTLACs remain very bright and perfect until the next appointment.

On the day of application, apply the TOTAL REMOVER soaked papillotes directly to the nails. 

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Estimated application time: 5 to 10 minutes.

The application time is variable: it depends on the thickness applied during the application, the quality of the nail, whether it is porous or if the client keeps her application beyond 15 days, the application will be a little longer by a few minutes.

Tip: Apply a thin layer, the application is more beautiful and the application is faster.

Polymerization: 2 minutes under UV / 60 seconds under LED.