Gel of transparent building Advanced Led Gel is manageable, thanks to its consistency, for putting it comfortably.

Quick putting, quick polymersie, its file is fast for a made to measure result.

Size 10g.

Guidance of Usage :

Apply after putting the base, while securing lateral nail folds and brusing the free edge of the nail. 

We advice you to strengthen the solidity of your gel associating with Magic Powder.

Duration of polymerisation : 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV.

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Advantages of the Gels LED line : 

Without acid components, it doesn't give any damages to the keratin of nails. They can rest solid and don't get dried.
Easy to handle
Its application is simple, and rapid. It can be used and can be managed without any problem. Its thickness is ideal for a task without requiring a curved shape. If the curved shape is more important, it will be necessary to apply it one by one.
30 seconds under LED 36 Watts are enough for the complete polymerisation / 2 minutes under UV
One gel for the natural nails of hands or the toes, for the extension and on nail capsules.
A perfect result
Thin and solid as a classic gel.