Our Nail Lacquer has nothing to hide ! 9free - eco-sourced ingredients - vegan - cruelty free. We have succeeded in getting a composition up to 84% from natural origin. The remaining percentage guarantees an intensity on the nail as well as a stability in the colour. Butyl acetate Manioc, Ethyl acetate Cane sugar, Nitrocellulose Cotton, Isosorbide Dicaprylate/caprate Potato, Adipic acid/neopentyl glycol *Non-natural resin, Trimellitic anhydride copolymer *Non-natural resin, Alcohol Vegetable solvent, Stearalkonium bentonite *Film-forming agent Allows to obtain a smooth surface and shine Protects the nail from external aggression, Silica *Viscosity control agent -1%, Diacetone alcohol Vegetable solvent, Etocrylene *UV absorber for colour intensity -1%, N-butyl alcohol Vegetable solvent, Cocos nucifera oil Cononut oil, Trimethylpentanediyl dibenzoate *Plasticizer -1% *For flexibility and easy application of nail polish, Helianthus annuus seed oil Sunflower seed oil, Acetyl tributyl citrate *Plasticizer -1% *For flexibility and easy application of nail polish, Phosphoric acid *PH stabilizer -1%, Isopropyl alcohol Vegetable solvent, Alumina *Brightness-enhancing agent -1%, Bambusa vulgaris extract Bamboo extract, Tocopherol *Antioxidant -1% *Ingredient not stemming from the biomass. Further in the formula transparency. The nitrocellulose is bio-sourced up to 80%. It stems from the COTTON. The bio-sourced plasticizer is produced from the sorbitol, a glucose derivative from the POTATO. The ethyl acetate is extracted from a natural source of CANE SUGAR by ethanol esterification. The butyl acetate is obtained from acetic acid esterification from MANIOC along with butanol. Green lexicon. Bio-sourced = ingredients from the vegetal biomass such as manioc, wheat, cotton, wool, cane sugar, corn, potato. The bio-sourced ingredients are not manufactured from petroleum but from renewable resources which limit the impact on the environment. The biomass is an energy source that we can't run out from.