5 tips for healthy nails and pretty hands

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Some tips that will help you take care of your hands on a daily basis!

Particularly exposed and very sought after on a daily basis, the skin of the hands tends to be too often overlooked. A beautiful manicure is also to have your hands and outline of the nickel nail.
To avoid tightness, itching and other excess skin around the nails, here are our tips for taking care of your hands.

“Hydration is key”

For some time now, our hands have never been so clean, of course, but they have never been so dry. Water, soap, repeated hydroalcoholic gel… Thank you COVVI-19!

To fight against its skin attacks, only one solution: hydration ! A good reflex to take: we put a tube of moisturizer next to the sink to apply it generously after each hand washing.



Little tip: We also slide a mini-format of hand cream in your bag and also leave a tube in the office. No more hands that tug and all dry cuticles! We obviously choose a cream with a clean composition (in this regard, we have something for you ... #staytunned).

Beware of water (sleeping)

As we told you in our article Green Flash: our 10 tips for optimal outfit, water softened water. When we immerse our hands for too long, water infiltrates keratin layers and makes our nails soft. This is when they can break easily!

To limit this phenomenon, do not keep your naked nails, apply your favorite color toGreen varnish or Semi-permanent Green Flash And border the nail stop.

Do you want to take a break between two varnish poses? Now is the time to apply the Base 5.5 To maintain the good health of your nails or get into a restorative cure !

We treat his nails

A pretty manicure is easier to make on healthy nails! Think of cures: with the Hardening base for the Nails too soft, with the SOS base for the Very damaged nails… 

The supplements Can also help you: our treatment is enriched with keratin, biotin and brewer's yeast to revitalize your nails. And icing on the cake: it has the same effect on your hair! A real boost 2 in 1 !



File your nails rather than cut them

We forget the scissors, nail cutters and metal files, far too aggressive. For healthy nails, you have to know the turn off.

We use the Lime Manucist By performing a mild movement, always in the same direction. No back and forth : it weakens and dissociates the layers of keratin that make up the nail. The dubbed nails, no thank you!

We take care of his cuticles regularly

We must not neglect them: the work of cuticles is an essential step for a successful manicure! A little tip is to push them after the shower with a Steel-coticulum. If they are too invasive, you can crisp them using a Enped and cuticle pliers

And we especially not forget to hydrate them! For that, here is a DIY recipe 2-in-1 to hydrate your cuticles and whiten your nails.
Once a week, prepare a bowl of hot water and add a little olive oil to feed the cuticles and a little lemon to whiten the nails. In 15 minutes, you will get pretty hands and Désunis nails.

And you, what are your hand care tips? Share your DIY advice and recipes in comments!
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